Company Culture

Company Culture

As a Chinese RFID solution and product provider, STAR TREND adheres to the creed of Responsibility, Respect, and Reciprocity, and practices our business approach.


Responsibility is the premise of running a business.
  • Responsible for the customer:
STAR TREND regards each customer as our indispensable partner. We sincerely thank the customers for their trust, earnestly fulfill the customer's entrustment, think about what the customer thinks, and do our best to complete the customer's order and solve the customer's problems. This is our responsibility.
  • Responsible for the employees:
STAR TREND regards each employee as our most valuable asset. Not only must everyone be encouraged to use his creativity, but also to carry out employee education, from the market, design, manufacturing, quality control, logistics, after-sales, and other aspects to cultivate a professional service team to provide customers with the most satisfactory service.
  • Responsible to the society:
STAR TREND has been adhering to the dedication of benefiting the society for 19 years. We strictly control the manufacturing process of products and do not cooperate with enterprises that fail to meet environmental standards. We comply with the corresponding laws and regulations of China and exporting countries and conduct fair and equitable international trade.


Respect is the foundation of cooperation

We are willing to live with customers from different countries and regions, respect their traditions, appreciate their achievements, and cooperate on this basis. We are happy to listen to the voices from different languages and to report the same sincere greetings. As early as 2,500 years ago, Confucius, the sage of China, said that “having friends from afar, it's a pleasure.” Welcome friends from all over the world to come to Shanghai to share the bright future with STAR TREND.


Reciprocity is the driving force of benign cooperation

Starting with the first export order in 2001, STAR TREND has always believed that only mutual benefit can bring long-term benign development. Today's world is already a global economy. The Internet brings convenience to consumers, and it also brings false and real information. The obstacles of distance and time difference make it difficult for many customers who are interested in Chinese products to make choices. STAR TREND is located in Shanghai, the largest city in China. We are willing to help our customers locate the most suitable products and services and create a win-win situation.

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