Quality Control

Quality Control

STAR TREND is convinced from more than 15 years of export experience: quality control is reflected in every aspect of the service.

Quality Control of Star Trend

Our quality control begins with the receipt of your inquiries and includes four phases:

1. The Inquiry phase

Intuitively, the card is a print.

High-quality printing ensures that your design intent is best displayed.

The quality of printing depends on many aspects: the format and resolution of the design artwork; the color rendering and ink selection; the layout of the pattern and the size of the finished product; the position of the chip and the antenna.

We will start with your design artwork, understand the color focus you want to present on the card, and propose appropriate modifications to complete the quality control of the artwork.

2. The order confirmation phase

The card manufacturing process is the basis for ensuring that the card's use function is implemented on schedule.

The manufacturing process includes: selection of plastic and inlay; selection of glossy and matte lamination; matching of chips and antennas; selection of magnetic strips and scratch strips; selection of offset printing and silk screen printing; selection of inkjet printing numbers and embossing numbers ; encoding magnetic strip and chip, etc.

At this stage, quality control is a forward-looking task, and our QC specialist will learn more about the applications of your cards and make professional recommendations to meet the card features that you want to achieve.

3. The production phase

Your order has started production!

At the factory, we have established a triple quality inspection system for inspection, sampling and final inspection. All technical information related to the order is integrated into the system and distributed to the various workshops in the process form.

Our QC specialist follows up on the production schedule every day. He is your quality control representative at the production site. Focus on whether the various manufacturing processes are going smoothly, and whether the production schedule meets the delivery schedule.

Once we find problems that are inconsistent with the process form, or problems that may cause delays, our quality control specialist will immediately notify the management and take steps to improve them to ensure that orders are delivered on time.

4. The after-sales phase

Your order has been delivered.

We will track the daily updates of the shipment until you receive the good goods.

If you are satisfied with the goods, the QC will keep samples of the order and record of the process form for the future repeat order.

If you have any questions about the product, the QC Specialist will respond as soon as possible and confirm the cause of the occurrence based on the quality inspection records maintained by the system. After discussions with the production supervisor, we will provide you with solutions and implement them as soon as possible.

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