How does the RFID Wristband

How does the RFID Wristband "Replace" Disposable Paper Bracelets?

With the updating of enterprise information system and its management mode, it is becoming more and more intelligent and convenient. And in optimizing the management process, the competitiveness of enterprises can improve.


Hospital, as an important part involving national economy, people's livelihood and people's daily life, gradually improves the efficiency of hospital operation through the renewal of technology and application, reduces the incidence of medical errors and medical accidents. It is also an important guarantee for the hospital of the people-oriented idea and is also an essential development model for a modern hospital.


For hospitals, the management of patient data is a huge system, in which a little error will lead to greater medical errors, so the management of patient data is the top priority.


In the past many years, hospitals used to manage patient data using disposable paper handrings which wear on each patient's hand. The data on paper handrings were usually handwritten or printed barcode, showing patient's name, admission time, treatment process and other information. When examining a patient or infusing, a doctor can check whether there is a mistake by scanning the barcode on the bracelet or looking directly at the information on the bracelet.


Disposable paper bracelets are troublesome to use, and have less data storage and high probability of error. Because the barcode must be aligned one by one before scanning, each patient should be scanned one by one each time, which has a great impact on medical efficiency. It takes a long time to get the above information through the naked eye nucleus of the human eyes. The probability of errors is higher, because it is difficult to completely avoid mistakes in reading or judging information, which will lead to the occurrence of medical accidents.

With the development of science and technology, the continuous advancement of medical reform, people's awareness of health is constantly improving, and the requirements for medical efficiency and quality of medical services are constantly improving. More and more hospitals are gradually adopting more efficient, accurate and humanized medical information management technologies and measures in order to improve the relationship between medical services and patients.


The performance of RFID technology in reading distance and group reading ability is more superior, which is UHF RFID technology. This UHF RFID technology has attracted the attention of hospitals at all levels and regions. Because this UHF RFID technology not only manages datas of the hospital equipment, equipment, tools and so on and make it be used; but also in patient management, the use of UHF RFID (UHF RFDI) made of RFID wristband is one of the trends of hospital medical data innovation in the future.



Characteristics of RFID Wristband:


1. Fast scan. The RFID recognizer can read several RFID wristbands at the same time.


2. Small size and various shapes. RFID is not limited by size and shape in reading. It does not need to match paper size and printing quality in order to read accurately. In addition, RFID tags can be used in different products with the development of miniaturization and diversification.


3. Anti-pollution ability and durability. Traditional barcode carriers are paper, so it is vulnerable to pollution, but RFID has strong resistance to water, oil and chemicals. In addition, because the bar code is attached to plastic bags or cartons, it is particularly vulnerable to damage; the RFID label is storing the data in the chip, so it can be free from contamination.

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