What's the Difference between RFID Wristband and Recognition Wristband?

What's the Difference between RFID Wristband and Recognition Wristband?

RFID wristband and barcode recognition wristband have their own advantages. It mainly depends on the use of medical departments and choose the correct wristband to use.


RFID Wristband


The full English name of RFID is Radio Frequency Identification, and the Chinese name is Radio Frequency Identification. As the name implies, the wristband needs to be used with radio frequency technology.



The RFID wristband mainly embodies the ultra-high frequency technology. The chip on the wristband can read the patient's medical information at a certain distance. It has the characteristics of non-contact reading. When wearing it, it has the positioning effect and monitors the patient's vital signs (pulse, blood pressure, heartbeat, breathing, etc.). Each data sets a certain dangerous value. Once exceeded, it will be automatically reminded on the computer. Moreover, the RFID wristband does not need to print the patient's basic information on the wristband, which is not like the recognition wristband, and can effectively protect the patient's privacy.




For the elderly who are prone to fainting, psychiatric patients with unconsciousness, patients with language communication disorders, children to prevent loss and so on, the use of RFID wristband is the most appropriate choice.


For example, when an elderly patient with heart disease walks in a hospital and suddenly feels sick and falls to the ground, medical staff observed on the computer that the blood pressure and respiratory data of the patient's wristband chip have exceeded the normal value. According to the location of the chip, they decided to go to the rescue and use PDA to scan the chip of RFID wristband hand to make it clear that the patient has heart disease. According to the patient's information, special examinations or treatment measures can be made accordingly, so that the patient's condition can not be delayed and the precise treatment can be achieved.


Identification Wristband


The English name of the wristband is ideawristband, and the Chinese name is one-time wristband. It is also called medical wristband, printed wristband, bar code wristband, thermal wristband, etc, which all refer to the same kind of wristband. The wristband used to recognize patient's information by handwritten information, so it was called handwritten wristband, but there are some drawbacks in this way. For example, it is easy to fade, and requires nurses to fill in patient information on wristbands (easy to write incorrectly, and have scribbled fonts). With the development of medical treatment, it has gradually developed into a way of printing by bar code printer. Therefore, the term has evolved into barcode wristband, printing wristband, and even heat sensitive or heat transfer wristband.




Nowadays, barcode recognition wristband is mainly a kind of recognition wristband which is printed by wristband printer through linking to hospital database. The biggest characteristic of barcode printing wristband is convenience. The printed font information has a protective layer and can effectively achieve the effect of waterproof and alcohol-proof, and effectively improve the efficiency of nursing to reduce errors.



The two kinds of wristbands have different functions. It is better to decide which wristband to use according to the needs of the hospital.

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