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RFID product has been prevalent in animal husbandry for RFID animal tracking such as RFID cattle tracking and quantity management. STAR TREND provides the RFID animal tags available in LF (125KHz), HF (13.56MHz) or UHF (860MHz ~960MHz) frequency options.

The RFID tag animal tracking are designed for large animals such as sheep, cattle and horses. The owners can get the animal's information accurately for purpose of feeding, location and vaccination etc. The animal tracking RFID tags are widely used in animal husbandry, animal laboratory and pet hospital.

Animal Husbandry

How does RFID Tag Animal Tracking Work?

Traditional animal recognition methods need to be very close to the target animal, or even catch it in front of the eyes to read, which is a troublesome thing. The core of RFID tag animal tracking is to wear a rugged RFID tag (commonly known as electronic tag) that can be easily read by machines and equipment on animals. The RFID tags in animals  record information about the animal, including the batch number or unique ID of the animal.

The animal is allowed to carry a RFID tag with a unique ID in the form of ear mark, tail mark, item mark (hanging on the neck), pill, etc., and the unique one-to-one correspondence between the ID and the animal number is established through the database. In the subsequent life cycle, any operation on individual animals (including feeding, disease quarantine, etc.) shall be recorded through handheld devices and transmitted to the database.

For key information, it can also be written into the animal tracking RFID tags (readable and writable label is required). Each migration of living animals, such as transportation, trading, etc., shall be recorded with a handheld terminal. When animals are slaughtered, the labels can be removed and recorded by bar code labels. The removed labels can be reused after necessary processing of the database.

Benefits of Using RFID Animal Tags

In recent years, animal epidemics have been breaking out all over the world, which has dealt a heavy blow to animal husbandry all over the world, and has attracted great attention all over the world, especially in Europe. Therefore, governments of various countries quickly formulate policies and take various measures to strengthen the management of animals, among which the identification and tracking of animals has become one of these important measures.

RFID animal tags from various RFID animal tag manufacturers solve the problem of difficult reading in the traditional practice of animal identification and is not affected by the bad animal husbandry environment. In addition, RFID animal tags have large capacity and can record more sufficient information. RFID animal tags are also writable, which can write the necessary information of animals in the tag, so it can still realize effective tracking without relying on the background database.

Identification and tracking of various animals through RFID tags can strengthen the control and supervision of exotic animal diseases, protect the safety of native species and ensure the safety of international trade of livestock products. The use of animal tracking RFID tags can strengthen the government's vaccination and disease prevention management of animals, improve the ability of diagnosis and reporting of animal diseases, and emergency response to animal epidemic situations at home and abroad.
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