RFID Tokens and Tickets

RFID technology is applied to the charging and reading system of the automatic ticket checking machine. The identity recognition of the card holder and the processing of the IC card information as well as the management of important modules of the banknote cash box, the coin money box and the ticket box, etc. are completed in a non-contact manner. STAR TREND provides the RFID tokens designed for Metro/Subway as single journey tickets. The product is made up of ABS plastic and HF/UHF chip and antenna.


What are RFID Tokens?

RFID tokens are composed of coupling elements and chips. Each RFID token has a unique electronic code, which is attached to the object to identify the target object, commonly known as electronic tag or smart tag.

RFID tokens can be divided into active tags, passive tags, semi active and semi passive tags. The working principle of RFID is to receive the RF signal sent by the reader after the tag enters the magnetic field, send the product information stored in the chip with the energy obtained by the induced current, or actively send the signal of a certain frequency. The interpreter reads and decodes the information and sends it to the central information system for relevant data processing.

Reasons to Choose RFID Tokens

Nowadays, electronic tokens have been widely used in modern people's daily life. In many big cities, by rail transit, you can easily transfer between different lines by buying a one-way ticket with an electronic label at one time.

When you borrow books in the library, you don't have to go through the borrowing procedures with the librarian, but just enter the password on the automatic borrowing and returning system, and then easily borrow the books you want.

In many hypermarkets and supermarkets, RFID tokens can effectively prevent someone from taking away goods without payment. In hospitals, electronic labels are widely used. For example, newborn babies look very similar. Using RFID tags can accurately identify themselves, so as to avoid mistakes.

In addition, there is an electronic medical record, through which doctors and nurses can clearly know the medication of patients during ward rounds. In this way, not only the work of medical staff will be orderly, but also medical people and their families can avoid a lot of trouble.

The wide application of RFID tokens have brought a lot of convenience to people's life. I believe it will be applied to more and more useful places in the near future. At that time, our life will be better and people can save a lot of time to do more meaningful things.
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