RFID Plastic Coin Tags for Laundry Industry

RFID Laundry Coin Tags

RFID coin tag is a durable non-toxic product. Its housing is injected by plastic that can be used in high temperature and humidity operating conditions such as laundry management, car engine repair identification, chemical raw material and other extremely humid environment. It is one of the plastic RFID tags.

Our company provide you high-quality RFID plastic tags and we give you RFID laundry solutions.

Specifications of RFID Laundry Coin Tags


RFID laundry coin tag



Injection molding, black or customized color


LF: 125 KHz

HF: 13.56 MHz

UHF: 840MHz to 960MHz


LF: TK4100, EM4200, EM4305, T5577, Hitag 1/2/s256

HF: FM11RF08, FM11RF32, s50, s70, MF Ultralight

UHF: Alien Higgs 3, UCODE Gen2, Impinj M4

Power supply mode


Working temperature

-30C to +220C

Reading distance

0-10cm/HF, 0-10m/UHF depends on reader and antenna


100,000 cycles

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