Blank Plastic Cards

Blank Plastic Cards

Blank plastic cards are the most sold plastic cards. As a non-customized product, it can be printed by users themselves and issued in the field on a wide range of distributors and retail clients.  It includes blank plastic id cards, blank plastic gift cards and blank plastic credit cards.

Feature of blank plastic cards

  • Blank plastic card is manufactured strictly in accordance with the bank card standard ISO7810.
  • According to the color, it is divided into blank white card and blank colored card. The colors of the blank colored card can be customized according to user requirements.
  • According to the different accessories, it is divided into blank white magnetic stripe card (hico or loco), blank signature strip white card and blank white chip card.
  • According to the thickness, it is divided into thin card, standard card, clamshell card and so on.

Applications of blank plastic cards

  • Card printer
  • Thermal printer
  • Digital printer
  • Chip card device
  • Magnetic stripe card device
  • Embossing number device
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