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1. Printing process
We have been exporting printed cards for more than 17 years and have taken over tens of thousands of artwork.
Our designers have extensive experience in artwork processing and can quickly modify the artwork according to customer requirements.
The designers can also research the artwork and make a pre-judgment based on the printing effect that the customer wishes to present, and develop a corresponding printing process. This reduces the time and cost of modifications for the customer without the actual sample card.

2. Material selection
Is the card plastic or cardboard?
Is the card made of PVC, PET or ABS?
Is the PVC white, transparent or colored?
Is the card laminated or not?
Is the card with overlay or not?
Is the card finish matte or glossy?
Is it a normal scratch off label or a ZEBRA one?
Is it in regular packaging or in Leporello packaging?
Behind each option is the specifications of a product and the implementation of customer order details. The right choice can not only meet the requirements of customers but also save costs and improve the competitiveness of products. We provide services to our customers from the first minute of the inquiry.

3. Chip selection
The core of the chip card is the IC.
For RFID product as RFID cards and RFID tags, the most important is chip selection.
For customers who are familiar with the application system, the chip can be specified according to system requirements. We are willing to provide a similar chip model so that customers have more comparisons.
For customers who are not familiar with the application system, we are willing to accept the sample card provided by the customer. Our technicians will identify and judge the model number of the product chip, and complete the samples for test accordingly.

4. Personalization process
ID number, card number, serial number, cardholder’s information, cardholder’s portrait, date, PIN code, barcode, QR code, embossing number, magnetic encoding, UID code, RFID chip data can be completed according to customer requirements, with appropriate process in our workshop.
The accuracy and security of the data is the focus of the personalized process. Through the automatic encoding and inspection equipment, coupled with the double inspection process of manual sampling, we can ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of the customer's personalized data.

5. RFID tag design
The dimension and material of the RFID tag depends on the purpose and function of the product. We can recommend or customize RFID tags, especially UHF RFID tags, for our customers based on the requirement of the product and the operation system.
Different antenna design and material characteristics can provide customers with a variety of choices for RFID tags. We will provide customers with appropriate label products by considering the reading range, working frequency, environment and compatibility of RFID tags.

6. Technical Help contact
Mr. Roger Lo
Skype:  lominjung
WhatsApp: +86 136 2163 1157
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