RFID Retail Solutions

RFID technologies use radio waves to transmit a product's unique number from a tag to a reader. STAR TREND offers different customized RFID tags and labels according to various RFID retail solutions request or RFID retail security system. Manufacturers can affix the RFID tags and track a product through the whole process - from manufacturing to shipping to warehouse to delivery to the store.

RFID technology for Retail Merchandising

Why RFID Tags in Retail?

From purchasing, storage, packaging, loading, unloading, transportation, distribution, sales to service, each step in the entire supply chain of the retail industry is intertwined. Enterprises must accurately grasp the information and changes of the entire business flow, logistics, capital flow in real time, while RFID effectively provides the retail industry with input/output of business operation data, controlling and tracking business processes, and reducing error rate. Therefore, the attractiveness of custom RFID tags in retail stores that focuses on logistics and inventory management is considerable.

There are two main reasons for the high application of RFID tags in retail: First, the RFID tags in this scenario are consumables. Once the tags are transferred to the final link, that is, consumers, the mission of the tags will be completed; And another reason is that thanks to its lower manufacturing costs, which is generally about less than 1% of the price of the retail products.

Factors to Consider for Choosing  RFID Tags and Labels for RFID Retail Solutions

Before developing a new RFID tag, no matter the tag will be used in any market or project, the tag manufacturer must clearly understand the application requirements of different types of RFID tags. These factors below help us determine the material that will be used for the label. Hard materials may not be suitable for every application, and some soft materials may not provide adequate protection for labels.

1.Which frequency band does RFID tag need to work in?
HF (13.56MHz)
UHF FCC (902~928MHz)
UHF ETSI (865~868MHz)

2.What is the storage specification does RFID tags need?
Less than 512bit

3.How strong is the security performance required for RFID tags?
No need
A small amount
The safer the better

4.How long reading distance does the end user need?What is the maximum reading distance of RFID tags?

0~1 inch/1~3 inches/1~3 feet/3~10 feet/More than 10 feet

5.What is the maximum and minimum size of the RFID tag, and the ideal size?

6. What standard does RFID label need to follow?
ISO 15693 (HF)/ISO 14443A (HF)/ISO18000-6B/EPC Class I Gen II (UHF)/ISO18000-6D or others. All these are knowledgeable standards for RFID label.
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