Plastic Cards

Plastic Cards

Plastic card is made of high-quality plastic (PVC, PET, ABS, etc.). The surface of blank plastic cards is printed with exquisite design artworks and supplemented by magnetic strips, signature strips and other accessories for recording the personal information through various personalized processes to achieve identity, access control, medical first aid, promotional discounts, advertising, prepaid and financial management functions.

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Plastic cards are widely used as identity cards, bank cards, business cards, membership cards, gift cards, phone cards, hotel door cards, insurance cards, payment cards, and so on.

Plastic Cards Sizes

Most plastic cards are made according to the standard ISO7810 (physical properties), ISO7811 (magnetic stripe card) and ISO7816 (chip card) of the bank card. The common card shape is a rectangle with rounded corners. The size is CR-80 (3.375 x 2.125 inches) and the thickness is about 0.76 mm (30mil). With the increasing use of plastic cards, more and more cards have customized sizes and shapes such as larger sizes for name badges to carry more information and easy to read; and smaller sizes for loyalty cards of the grocery store or membership card of the GYM clipped on the key ring, etc.

Plastic Cards Accessories

There are many types of accessories on plastic cards. The most common ones are magnetic strips for information encoding, and signature strips for personal signatures. They also include scratch-off labels for covering the PIN codes, holograms for anti-counterfeiting and an integrated circuit chip for recording data. Different accessories offer more options for the application of plastic cards.

Plastic Cards Finishes

The appearance of plastic cards has become increasingly attractive. From general four-color offset printing to spot color silk screen printing; from glossy card finish to matte finish, frosted finish and brushed finish; from black/brown to colored magnetic strips, from white to colored card materials, from opaque to transparent card bodies, a wide variety of card appearances can satisfy the user's imagination very well.

Plastic Cards Personalizations

The main purpose of plastic cards is to provide customers with identification. The user information on the card includes name, portrait, signature, serial number, barcode, QR code, laser code, embossing code and so on. STAR TREND offers customized services through state-of-the-art processing equipment and strict quality control, giving each card a unique charm.

Plastic Card FAQ
Plastic Card FAQ
  • What are your card made from?

    Our cards are made from plastic or cardboard. The common plastic material is PVC (polyvinyl chloride), white, colored or transparent. For those cards under high temperature we could select PET or ABS as well. Paper card made of cardboard is for special purposes as prepaid phone card or tickets.

  • How do I know what size to design my work?

    Please feel free to download our artwork guideline and find the size details.

  • How to print on a plastic card?

    The plastic card can be printed on a desktop card printer.

  • Can plastic cards be recycled?

    Yes they can. 

  • What is the size of a plastic card?

    Our cards are mostly produced according with ISO7810. The size is CR80 which is approximate 86mm (length) and 54mm (width) with round corners.

  • Can I order cards with any extras?
    Yes we always provide 3 to 5 extra cards for each order.
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