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With RFID technology, STAR TREND offers more solutions for RFID door access control than RFID cards. It can be RFID keyfobs,wristbands, RFID tags or labels complying with the LF/HF/UHF system. All the RFID products are widely used in restricted area as hotels, residential and private clubs.

rfid card access control

How Does RFID Based Door Access Control Work?

The basic working principle of RFID card access control system is not complicated: RFID readers send out radio frequency signals after receiving instructions. When the RFID cards enter the magnetic field, they receive radio frequency signals from the readers and send out the product information ; after the reader reads the information and decodes it, it is sent to the information system for relevant data processing. Its working principle is that the reader transmits a specific frequency of radio wave energy to the transponder then drive the transponder generate circuit to send out the internal data. At this time, the Reader receives and interprets the data sequentially to RFID door access system for corresponding processing.

Benefits of RFID Based Door Access Control

1. Scanning and recognition
RFID recognition is more accurate, and the distance of recognition is more flexible. RFID door access control can read penetratively without barriers. When covered, RFID can penetrate non-metallic or non-transparent materials such as paper, wood, and plastic with penetrability and non-barrier reading ability.
2. Data memory capacity
The memory capacity of data is large, the capacity of one-dimensional bar code is 50Bytes, the maximum capacity of two-dimensional bar code can store 2 to 3000 characters, and the maximum capacity of RFID is several MegaBytes. With the development of memory carriers, the data capacity is also expanding. In the future, the amount of data that items need to carry will become larger and larger, and the demand for the expansion of the capacity of the label will also increase accordingly.
3. Diversified shapes
RFID is not limited by the size and shape of the ruler in reading, and does not need to match the fixed size and printing quality of the paper for reading accuracy. In addition, RFID wristbands and cards can be miniaturized and developed in various forms.
4. Anti-pollution ability and durability
RFID has strong resistance to water, oil, chemicals and other substances; RFID cards store data in the chip, so they can be protected from defacement.
5. Reusable
The RFID card can repeatedly add, modify, and delete the data stored in the RFID card to facilitate the update of information.
6. Security
It carries electronic information, and its data content can be protected by a password, so that its content is not easy to be forged and altered.
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