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What is RFID Card?

RFID (radio frequency identification card) is also called contactless IC card or proximity chip card. It consists of a chip and an antenna that are sealed in a card made of standard PVC, ABS PET material or other material without any exposed parts. The read-write process is fulfilled by the radio wave between IC coupled resonator circuits and reader. The RF protocols are ISO/IEC14443 (A /B /C…/F /G), ISO/IEC15693 and ISO/IEC18000-3 etc. Nowadays, there are various RFID card suppliers in this industry. As one of the largest RFID cards suppliers in China, Startrend has been dedicated to providing high quality RFID cards for years, contact us to get the price!

RFID Cards Features

Normally the radio frequency can be LF (low frequency), HF (high frequency) or UHF (ultra high frequency). 
Low frequency: 125 - 134 KHz
High frequency: 13.56 MHz
Ultra high frequency: 433 - 869 - 915 MHz
The RFID cards complying with these protocols are called RFID LF cards, RFID HF cards and RFID UHF cards accordingly. Sometimes a RFID composite card sealed with both LF and HF chip/antenna together can work on both LF and HF frequencies. 

If you want to know how to identify RFID credit cards, how to check RFID card frequency, or how to tell if credit card has RFID, we can give you the right answers! Also, if you need to purchase RFID cards, please feel free to contact us!
  • How do RFID cards work?
    RFID tags are affixed to the card so as to track the item by using an RFID reader and antenna. Data information is transmitted through the radio wave.
  • What are the different types of RFID cards?
    According to the frequency, the RFID cards can be classified into low-frequency card (FRID LF card), high-frequency RFID card (RFID HF card), and UHF frequency RFID card
    (UHF RFID card);
  • What is the RFID card used for?
    RFID cards are widely used in RFID based door access control, attendance control,  library management, VIP membership, RFID based animal tracking system, public transportation, parking management, warehouse and supply chain management, etc.
  • How much does the RFID card cost?
    Star Trend supplies a full range of RFID cards, so the prices vary among different types of rfid tags. If you want to buy RFID cards, you can contact us.
  • What's the benefits of RFID cards?
    RFID cards are able to store information, and wireless scannerscan instantly identify and capture data when within scanning range, thus greatly increase efficiency by reading multiple cards at once.
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