RFID Ticket

RFID paper tickets made of coated paper with full color printing for access control system of public and commercial events. For exaple, if you've ever visited the Disneyland, you'll find that their tickets are RFID tickets. Tickets like the RFID disney tickets make it convenient and efficient.

Custom RFID Ticket for Sale

The RFID paper tickets is made of  low cost materials and it is a environmentally friendly product. 
The RFID paper tickets are produced according to the customer requirements, such as serial number, bar code, UID number, logo/name and photo.

RFID Paper Tickets
RFID Paper Tickets
The advantage of RFID paper tickets is the low cost of materials and it is a environmentally friendly product.

Typical Applications of RFID Ticket

• Public transportation
• Access control
• ID and authentication
• Events
• Cashless payment solutions
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