RFID Attendance Control

Nowadays, the information management of many companies is very effective, but when you check in your card every day and swipe it several times a day, will you find it annoying? Therefore, the high probability and speed that we can achieve through RFID are very important.
STAR TREND provides RFID products with LF (125KHz), HF (13.56MHz) or UHF (860MHz ~960MHz) frequency options for attendance monitoring system. Products line covers the RFID card, RFID badge, RFID security tag and RFID label.

Attendance Control

Advantages of the RFID Attendance Management

RFID reader adopts advanced non-contact card reading technology and adopts international general protocol for transmission. It has unique advantages. Here are some advantages of reader application:

1. With RFID attendance management, various failures caused by card insertion and oil pollution can be avoided;
2. The attendance card used has no exposed chips, so problems like chip falling off, electrostatic breakdown, bending damage will not happen;
3. The operation is simple and quick, and the diagnosis operation is within the effective range;
4. There is no direction limit, and the area of the radio frequency card reader can be swept over the whole place, which can complete the operation and greatly improve the speed of each usage;
5. The application area is wide. Due to the location structure characteristics of radio frequency card, it can be applied in different  RFID attendance monitoring system with only one card with good intelligent performance, unified verification.

Application Fieid of RFID Attendance Management

RFID attendance monitoring system is mainly aimed at various important meetings, corporate annual meetings, campus sign-in, corporate attendance, key area personnel monitoring and other applications. Using RFID automatic identification technology, infrared beaming, and a high-end and efficient integration of back-end management software, RFID attendance management provides the highly effective attendance check-in program for you. Its functions are mainly realized by the open access door and infrared identification of the RFID tags carried by the person passing by, combined with infrared to determine the direction of the person entering and exiting, as well as whether the card is provided, whether there is more card and other information to achieve attendance, regional positioning and other functions. The main functions are:

1. Attendance sign-in channel, the attendance sign-in channel based on high-frequency RFID technology, combined with infrared radiation. When someone passes by, the reader starts to read the card, and the information of the card and the information of the infrared in and out judgment are sent to the background program.
2. Combined with the display screen, the photos and identity information of the passing personnel can be displayed for security personnel to check, or start the camera to take pictures and leave portrait information.
3. Alarm equipment included, the RFID attendance sign-in channel has its own sound and light alarm, which can activate the sound and light alarm in the case of someone without a card, someone with multiple cards, or in the wrong direction to get in.
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