Card Holders & Carriers

Plastic Card Holders & Carriers

Card holder is also called rigid badge holder that protects and allows for the easy removal of a single plastic card, while being durable and light weight.

Types of Plastic Card Holder

The card holders are made by injection molding process with high quality plastic material PP, PS, ABS, PC. Each type of the card holder is designed according to the actual purpose. The holder can be made in natural or customized color. Logo or trademark can be printed on most of the holders' surface by pad printing or silk screen printing.

Another plastic card holder is made of soft vinyl. It is sometimes named card pouch or card sleeve. By the ultrasonic welding process and different molds STAR TREND can produce the soft card holders of various shapes, sizes and thicknesses. The soft vinyl could be glossy or frosted finish. On its surface we can also print trademark by silk screen process. The soft card pouch is ideal for short time identification purposes which can be used in conjunction with lanyards, nickel ball chains and bull dog clip and strap.

Cardboard card carrier is a package designed for hanging on J-hooks in supermarket. It usually consists of a cardboard printed backer, with the loyalty card sealed into a clear plastic blister. There is often a window on the paper card carrier through which the bar code on the loyalty card is visible. The paper card carrier is very popular for promotion program.

Applications of Plastic Card Holder
Rigid card holder: Drivers License Card, Petrol Card, Medical Card, etc.
Soft card pouch: Bus Pass, Ticket Card, Attendance Card, etc.
Cardboard carrier: Gift Card, Loyalty Card, Discount Card, etc.

Features of Plastic Card Holder
Light weight
Durable protection
Transparent or opaque
Rigid or semi-rigid or soft
Horizontal or vertical
Printable for advertising
Easy to connected with lanyards
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