RFID Automation

With the continuous development of RFID automation, industrial RFID tags has increasingly become an important means of data collection and feedback in automated production. The RFID tags are attached on the production line and pallets during all the processes.
STAR TREND can design and customize various RFID tags according to the requirements of RFID automation systems to meet the good application in different working environments, such as metal resistance, heat resistance, moisture resistance and corrosion resistance.

Industrial Automation

How do Industrial RFID Tags Work?

RFID tag is an important medium for industrial data acquisition and transmission, and data transmission is a prerequisite for industrial intelligence. Only through data transmission can equipment and enterprises connect with each other and achieve intelligent production. New data are constantly generated in the production process, and then these data are classified, recorded and analyzed. So as to realize communication and intelligent production.

1. Product data
In the process of product production, a large amount of data will be generated, including the basic information of the product, the next instruction data and the cooperation data between equipment. Industrial RFID tags is to make detailed records and statistics of various production data. Through data transmission, let the machine understand the production process and rely on data for orderly production. In the process of product production and upgrading, the production status of products is monitored in real time through data, and the demand of products is analyzed, so as to meet the demand of production.

2. Operational data
Analyze the data obtained by readers and sensors in production, marketing and logistics. The data of each link can help managers make accurate decisions better. For example, in the consumer terminal, the store completes the daily sales data statistics by using the handheld counting machine and counting channel, so as to obtain product production and replenishment information to adapt to market changes.

3. Real time data
With the intelligence of manufacturing and the improvement of production speed, real-time data has become a very important decision-making basis. In the era of industrial automation, producers, consumers and distributors are constantly changing. New data are constantly generated. These data are of great significance to production and manufacturing through collection and analysis.

Benefits of RFID in Manufacturing Industry

RFID automation is an effective means to collect data quickly, accurately and reliably. The application of RFID in industry solves the "bottleneck" problem of data entry and data collection, and provides strong technical support for supply chain management.

1. Material management
By coding materials and writing and printing RFID tags, it is not only convenient for material tracking management, but also helpful to achieve reasonable material inventory preparation, improve production efficiency and facilitate the rational use of enterprise funds. Establish a unified material code for purchased production materials according to industry and enterprise rules, so as to eliminate losses and confusion caused by disorderly materials.

2. Production management
RFID production management is the basis of RFID industrial applications. In production, product identification code is applied to automatically monitor production, automatically collect production test data, automatically collect production quality inspection data, conduct product completion inspection, and establish product identification code and product file. Arrange the production plan orderly, monitor the production and flow direction, and improve the off-line qualification rate of products.

3. Warehouse management
Goods inventory management warehouse management system can read product information such as product name, model, specification, place of origin, brand name, packaging, producer and dealer in RFID tag, and use RFID automation to make various operations of warehouse management much easier.
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