Customized Plastic Card Finishes

Customized Plastic Card Finishes

The surface of the plastic card can be customized to be glossy, matt, frosted or brushed finishes. STAR TREND matches the proper card finish for the customer's design by selecting different types of lamination processes and overlays.

Most printed cards, blank white cards and chip cards are the glossy finish. The high-quality glossy laminating plates ensure the cards with a smooth and clean surface for all types of card printers.
For cards of dark background color, the matt card finish enhances the class of the design and reduces scratches on the card surface caused by wear and tear.
The frosted finish with a noticeable grain size often appears on a business card. It can give users a full personality experience.
Plastic cards of the brushed finish present a dazzling luster like metal. For those customers who want to differentiate their designs, the unique visual effects of the brushed finish are refreshing.
The surface of the plastic card is covered with a transparent overlay to protect the printing ink on the card. Thickness of the overlay can be 0.04mm, 0.06mm, 0.08mm or customized. The overlay may be completely transparent or may be pre-printed with a laser pattern. It forms the desired card finishes with different laminating processes.

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