After-sale Service

1. Maintenance

Magnetic stripe cards
Lifetime of the magnetic stripe: The magnetic stripe is a thin layer of material consisting of aligned oriented iron oxide particles. It is essentially the same as a computer tape or disk. It can be used to record letters and characters and digital information. If there is no degaussing, it can theoretically be used indefinitely.

Pay attention to the following items to make the magnetic stripe card last longer:
Avoid magnetic stripe cards being pressed, folded, scratched, soiled or exposed to high temperatures for extended periods of time.
Avoid contact with notebooks with magnetic seals.
Avoid too close or contact with the magnetic buckle of the purse and handbag.
Avoid too close or even contact with the degaussing equipment of the anti-theft device in the mall.
Avoid too close to household appliances that have strong magnetic fields such as TV sets.
Avoid degaussing with long-term contact with devices capable of generating electromagnetic radiation, such as mobile phones.
At the same time, in the process of swiping the card on POS or ATM, the cleaning and aging of the magnetic head, the interference during the data transmission, and the wrong operation of the system may also cause abnormal use.

Chip card
Lifetime of the chip card: Under normal circumstances, the service life of the general chip card is ten years.
Since the process of reading and writing is physical contact and the chip is exposed to the air, the contact chip card is more susceptible to environmental influences such as rust, wear or peeling, and reduces the service life.
RFID chips are wrapped in plastic cards or other materials. The process of reading and writing is non-physical contact and is not easily affected by the environment. The write operation can reach more than 100,000 times, and the read-only operation is theoretically unlimited.

Personalized data card
Colored portrait ID cards should avoid exposure to the ink and cause discoloration or fading of the ink. Cards with serial number, embossed number, barcode and QR code should be used to avoid friction with hard objects or contact with organic chemicals (alcohol, gasoline, perfume, etc.), so that the data printed on the card surface is worn out. .
Most of the personalized data is printed on the overlay of the card surface, so avoid bending for a long time, scratching and causing the overlay to peel off and lose important data.

2. Artwork and printing
The color of the printed card depends on the artwork, the card base material, the printing ink and the lamination process.
The artwork completed by the design software, under the influence of different image formats and printed materials, exhibits a certain difference between the color displayed and the color finally printed on the plastic card. If the customer provides a sample card or samples before the order, the color difference can be effectively controlled within a reasonable range.

3. Packaging and transportation
All cargo boxes are neutral or made according to the customer's designated shipping mark.
The goods shipped by the courier company are usually delivered in good condition.
For goods sent by ordinary air transport, we will reinforce the outer packaging and package it with the pallet upon the customer’s confirmation.
For goods sent by sea, we will use the shipping container suitable for shipping and package it with the pallet upon the customer's confirmation.

4. Procedure if there is a quality complaint after delivery.
After receiving the goods, if the customer has any doubts or complaints about the quality of the products, they can inform us by email and with pictures, videos and other information.
We will trace the design, manufacture, and quality control of the product, and based on the written and physical evidence confirmed by both parties, we will give a solution within one week and immediately deal with it under the premise of mutual recognition.

5. After-sale service contact
Ms. Connie Shen
WhatsApp: +86 189 3007 1302
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