RFID in Transportation

The main applications of RFID in transportation is vehicle positioning and bus card. STAR TREND offers customized RFID bus card, subways, ferries and other public transport passes. This type of RFID card usually adapts an HF (13.56MHz) chip that conforms to the ISO14443/TYPE A protocol with good read and write lifetime and secure data storage performance.

Public Transportation

Benefits of RFID in Transportation

At present, RFID technology has been widely used in intelligent public transportation. Successful application cases include: domestic railway locomotive number recognition system, networked expressway non-stop toll system in implementation and operation in various provinces, and RFID in thousands of parking lots across the country Toll collection system, factory vehicle automatic weighing system in various places, bus station vehicle entry and exit management system, customs vehicle entry and exit inspection system, urban automobile environmental protection inspection RFID environmental protection information card system, and the rapid transit system that is being implemented.
The RFID public transportation will effectively alleviate urban traffic congestion, reduce traffic accidents, relieve environmental pollution. It is regarded as an important development direction of transportation in the 21st century. RFID radio frequency identification technology is applied to urban traffic management, and it has become a building force for intelligent transportation systems and traffic information exchange platforms; it gives full play to its many advantages such as automatic identification, long-distance identification and dynamic information collection. With RFID in transportation, such as RFID card for subway transport passes , data collection and analysis can be reached, and a huge database to create an important construction foundation  will be established.

Advantages of RFID for Vehicle Identification

Electronic license plate, also known as vehicle electronic information card, is equipped with an RFID chip. Using the technical characteristics of RFID high-precision identification, high-accuracy collection, and high sensitivity, the RFID electronic license plate is used as the carrier of vehicle identification, and is passed when an authorized radio frequency identification reader/writer is installed on the road section. The data on the electronic license plate of each motor vehicle is collected or written to achieve the purpose of various comprehensive traffic management. The electronic license plate integrates vehicle information such as license plate number, type, model, annual inspection period, and nature of use. Each electronic license plate is unique. It can be said that the electronic license plate is the ID card of the vehicle.
With RFID for vehicle identification, the speed of recognizing vehicle information is less than 0.1 second, and the high-speed moving vehicle can be recognized by the read-write device without decelerating. Combined with electronic payment, there is no need to slow down when passing a high-speed toll station, and there will be no need to set up a high-speed toll station in the future, which will greatly reduce the phenomenon of obstruction at the station.
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