Customized Plastic Card Accessories

Customized Plastic Card Accessories

Customized card accessories are applied on ordinary plastic cards to achieve data input and record, highlighting the design focus and anti-counterfeiting features. It includes id card accessories and plastic card accessories.


Plastic card accessories include the magnetic stripe, scratch-off label, signature panel, stamp foil and laser hologram.
(1)Magnetic stripe as the carrier of personal information is the important accessory of the loyalty card. A plastic magnetic stripe card after encoding process can be a bank card, or a hotel key card, or a casino loyalty card, or a hypermarket discount card, or a library card, or a fuel card etc.
(2)Scratch-off is used to prevent PIN code from being stolen by third parties before the cardholder sees it. Scratch-off label is available in a variety of materials, sizes and patterns. Once the scratch-off is destroyed, it means that the PIN code has been exposed.
(3)Signature panel is made of a kind of white or transparent ink that is screen printed according with the customized size and shape. On the panel the card holder can write necessary information as name, title, address and expiry date.
(4)By hot stamp process the customized logo or pattern can be applied on card surface to highlight its outline and colors.
(5)Laser hologram is one of the anti-counterfeiting technology products. The main material of this kind of mark is aluminum oxide film. It can be printed with corporate information, logo, trademark and also with a portrait or other custom pattern or line. Its common application on plastic cards is bank card such as VISA or MASTER cards. Because of the complexity and cost of the manufacturing process, it has also become an effective anti-counterfeiting technology for loyalty cards.

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