RFID Waste Management

RFID technology is also used in rubbish collection and recycling program. STAR TREND offers the garbage bin tag that is designed for RFID waste management system. It can be fastened on the garbage bins available in the dust, water and the extreme weather conditions.

Environmental Protection

How does RFID Waste Management Work

Nowadays, with the national attention to environmental protection, the importance of the environmental sanitation department is becoming more and more obvious. Due to the rapid construction of the city and some technical or management constraints, the environmental sanitation department also faces many challenges in the management of environmental sanitation vehicles.

The number and distribution of sanitation facilities, ensuring that the garbage collection time is in place, and ensuring the daily garbage removal, timely transportation and timely dispatching of garbage will become an important link in the supervision of sanitation removal and transportation. Sanitation tools are mainly sanitation trucks and garbage cans.

RFID technology makes health facilities more intelligent by automatically collecting the information of each link. The waste recycling and classified treatment solution based on RFID waste management system not only manages the waste recycling process, but also can accurately charge and refuse to deal with the waste of unpaid residents. The RFID tag is pasted on the outside of the dustbin, and the RFID reader is installed on the lifting grab of the truck. When the recycling truck grabs the dustbin, read the label information.

The recycling car can detect whether the residents of the dustbin pay, which will not be handled by the paying customers, and send the unpaid information to the residents' mobile phones. In addition, the system can also detect whether the dustbin is overweight, so as to judge whether it contains non recyclable garbage. After the system is adopted, the garbage collection efficiency is greatly improved, and the number of recycling vehicles is reduced by 10% to 20%.

Advantages of STAR TREND RFID Garbage Bin Tag

Star Trend RFID Garbage Bin Tag consists of a chip with antenna in memory, which stores information that can identify the target. Star trend RFID tags are durable and made of tough and durable materials, which can withstand several years under harsh conditions. RFID Garbage Bin Tag have the characteristics of strong information transmission penetration, large storage capacity which can works with various RFID waste management system. Our RFID garbage bin tag can penetrate the harsh environment where snow, fog, ice, paint, dust and bar code cannot be used, and the reading speed is extremely fast in most cases.

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