Application and Development of RFID Tags in Logistics Transportation

As a new automatic identification technology, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology has gradually entered the field of enterprise application at the end of last century and the beginning of this century with the maturity and development of computer information technology and VLSI technology.

In recent years, the propaganda offensive of EPC and Internet of Things concepts has been continuously strengthened. RFID tags seem to have become the biggest hot spot in the technology world overnight. RFID is being talked about everywhere, and companies big and small in all walks of life are paying attention to this technology, planning to imagine how to use it in their own enterprises.

Although the concept of RFID is very hot right now, from a marketing point of view, companies are extremely calm consumers, and they will never develop for the sake of simply pursuing advanced and fresh technology. Any investment in an enterprise requires a sufficient return, and the same is true for the investment in RFID.

1. Rational use of RFID tag technology

As a kind of automatic identification technology, RFID technology has a certain degree of mutual substitution with the barcode automatic identification technology that is well known and widely used in enterprises.

As a new technology, RFID has obvious technical advantages over barcodes, such as: it can be read in large quantities at the same time, invisible labels can be read, data can be read and written, and so on.

The technical characteristics of RFID tags and barcodes are determined by their respective basic technologies. The barcode is based on photoelectric technology, and RFID is based on radio technology.

The RFID tag application scheme that conforms to the principle of maximizing the input and output of the enterprise is often a solution that adopts this automatic identification technology scientifically and reasonably according to the actual specific situation of the enterprise.

2. RFID tags are used in the logistics and transportation industry

Compared with barcode labels, RFID technology has many obvious technical advantages, and unlike barcode labels that must be used once, the information in RFID tags is rewritable and has a service life of up to 100,000 writes.

Using this feature of RFID tags, the closed-loop use of RFID technology in logistics by enterprises can not only give full play to the technical advantages of RFID, but also its operating cost will be lower than that of barcodes. In this way, the restriction of high price of RFID tags can be effectively avoided, so that RFID technology can create value for enterprises.

The emergence of RFID tag technology has once again created a good opportunity for us. Facing the new RFID technology, we stand on the same starting line with the whole world, and the research and exploration of RFID in enterprise application is carried out simultaneously.

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