Characteristics of UHF RFID Electronic Tags

Ⅰ. The characteristics of UHF RFID card electronic tags

1. A UHF RFID tag transmits energy through electric fields. The energy of the electric field does not decrease very quickly, but the reading area is not well defined. The reading distance of this frequency band is relatively long, and the passive can reach about 10m. The energy exchange and data transmission are mainly carried out by means of capacitive coupling.

2. The radio waves in the UHF RFID card frequency band cannot pass through many materials, especially suspended particles such as water, dust, and fog.

3. The antenna of the electronic RFID tag is generally long and label-shaped. The antenna has two designs of linear and circular polarization to meet the corresponding application requirements.

4. This frequency band has a good reading distance, but it is difficult to define the reading area.

5. It has a high transmission rate and can read a large number of the electronic RFID tag in a short time.

Ⅱ. The electronic RFID tag can be divided into two parts

That is, the chip of the electronic tag and the antenna of the tag. The antenna function is the electromagnetic wave emitted by the mobile phone reader into the space and the energy emitted by the chip itself are emitted in the form of electromagnetic waves; the function of the chip is to adjust and decode the signal received by the RFID tag and perform various processing such as encoding and modulation of the signal that needs to be returned.

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