Custom Your Cards

Custom Your Cards

Custom Plastic Cards

  • Blank Plastic CardsBlank Plastic Cards2019/05/13Blank plastic cards are the most sold plastic cards. As a non-customized product, it can be printed by users themselves and issued in the field on a wide range of distributors.
  • Customized Plastic Card AccessoriesCustomized Plastic Card Accessories2019/05/15Customized card accessories are applied on ordinary plastic cards to achieve data input and record, highlighting the design focus and anti-counterfeiting features.
  • Rigid Plastic Card HoldersRigid Plastic Card Holders2019/05/28Card holder is also called rigid badge holder that protects and allows for the easy removal of a single plastic card.

Custom Plastic Cards Articles

  • How do RFID cards work?How do RFID cards work?2020/06/20RFID tags are affixed to the card so as to track the item by using an RFID reader and antenna. Data information is transmitted through the radio wave.
  • What are the pros of RFID technology?What are the pros of RFID technology?2020/06/20RFID technology automates data collection very correctly and increases working efficiency through multi tasks.
  • What are the different types of RFID cards?What are the different types of RFID cards?2020/06/20According to the frequency, the RFID cards can be classified into low-frequency card (FRID LF card), high-frequency RFID card (RFID HF card), and UHF frequency RFID card (UHF RFID card);

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