RFID Tags Promote the Rapid Development of Automatic Identification

RFID Tags Promote the Rapid Development of Automatic Identification

In the unmanned warehouse, RFID technology enables each package and even the goods in it to have its own ID, and all the IDs can be identified by the Internet in real time. Based on this, the intelligent storage, packaging and logistics can be realized, and the work efficiency can be improved. RFID is a technology that has been commercially available for a long time. In the era of Internet of Things, it has ushered in a new round of business opportunities. In recent years, companies are actively expanding the capacity of RFID tags. In 2019, the shipment of China's RFID market (in which UHF RFID uses its applications) is about 9.47 billion yuan; by 2022, the shipment is expected to be close to 10 billion yuan. The continuous development of RFID industry has brought convenience to the automatic identification of unmanned warehouse.

Under the background of the gradual transformation of warehouse management of major e-commerce platforms and logistics enterprises to intellectualization and digitization, the field of unmanned storage in China is still hot, and new companies are constantly entering. According to the data of China enterprises, there are more than 1.5 million warehousing related enterprises in China, of which the number of intelligent warehousing has exceeded 6,0000. Since 2010, the number of   new registration of enterprises related to intelligent storage has been increasing, reaching about 1,4500 in 2019, and the number of new registered enterprises of intelligent storage in China has increased by more than 14 times from 2010 to 2019.

On the whole, the development trend of unmanned warehouse in China is good at present. And the "few people warehouse" is gradually becoming a reality by using automation equipment to replace most of the warehousing operations. With the rapid upgrading and development of technology, the pace of unmanned storage will continue to accelerate in the future.

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