Characteristics of IC Chip Cards

The general term of inductive IC chip card is called radio frequency IC card, M1 card, and it is also an IC card that is often used in people's lives. Inductive IC chip card is a combination of radio frequency identification technology and IC card technology, breaking through the problem of passive (no power supply in the card) and contact-free in the field of electronic devices.

Eight characteristics of inductive IC chip card

1. There is non-mechanical contact between the card and the reader.

2. There are no exposed devices on the surface of the card, and the IC card will not be damaged due to contamination or bending. The card itself is a passive part, small in size, durable and reliable.

3. The reader does not need a card holder and can be completely sealed in the box.

4. There is no direction during use. The card can sweep the surface of the reader in any direction to complete the reading and writing work.

5. The reader communicates with the IC card via antenna communication.

6. The reader and IC card implement a two-way password authentication system. The reader can recognize the legitimacy of the IC card, and the IC card can recognize its "owner" (reader) to determine the read and write authority of the "owner".

7. The issuance of contactless IC card is based on a strict set of rules-an immutable mark (indicating the manufacturer, patent licenser number), and a clear management category. And all readers and IC cards must be initialized and defined by the MASTER card owned by the issuer.

8. The capacity of the MIFARE1 non-contact IC card is 8K bits, with 16 partitions, which can support multiple applications. The data can be stored for a period of 100 years. It can be rewritten 100,000 times and read unlimited times. The card does not have a power supply, it has its own antenna, and contains an encryption control logic circuit. The communication between the card and the reader uses the internationally common DES or RES security cross algorithm, which has extremely high security performance.

Through the above explanation of the characteristics of inductive IC chip cards, I hope to help everyone. It can better use the card in life according to the eight characteristics in real life.
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