How Much Do You Know About the Hologram Card?

A hologram card is cardboard and paper with a shiny metal image on it. Sometimes, when the card is repositioned and rotated toward a certain angle, the image may move or even become another image. In other cases, the image does not change, but is displayed as a three-dimensional image, moving and rotating at different angles, and looks like it is floating on top of the card. Hologram cards are usually colored too. If you move the card left and right, the color will change slightly. You can consider the hologram card as an updated version of photos that only capture 2D images.

The concept of a hologram can be compared to how the eyes see a three-dimensional image. The left eye sees the image at one angle, and the right eye sees the image at another angle. When the brain receives these images, it combines them and converts them into a 3D image. When a person moves from another angle, the brain performs the same process and presents the image from another angle. Hologram cards operate in a similar way because they record multiple angles on paper, so the images have a 3D effect. SHANGHAI STAR TREND ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. can provide custom hologram cards according to customer needs.

Capturing an image on a hologram card may require certain tools, such as hologram film, red laser, mirror, lens and half mirror, which is a type of glass covered with silver on half of its surface. The red laser is aimed at the half mirror so that half of the beam passes through the glass, and then the other half is reflected to the other mirror due to the silver plating. The reflected half beam is again reflected to another mirror, and then the half beam is tilted to directly irradiate the object. Then, the half beam is reflected from the object to the holographic film.

The other half of the light beam passing through the half mirror is also reflected by another mirror, and then the mirror also directs the light beam to the holographic film. When both half beams hit the hologram film, the image on the hologram card is finally created, resulting in a 3D image. In this way, the two half beams look like eyes in a certain way, viewing images at different angles through multiple mirrors.

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