Common Coding Types of PVC Cards

(1) Convex code: Convex code is the most common type of coding seen in PVC plastic card. You can see that many cards on the market have convex codes. These convex codes can be numbers or capital letters. The coding process is relatively simple, and there are generally no major problems (except for the position of the coil in the chip card).

(2) Printing code: Printing code is more convenient, and basically there are no restrictions on coding. It is the most convenient way to code, and the cost is low.

(3) Laser codes: Laser codes are relatively rare, and their cost is relatively higher than other coding methods. The color is single, and it can only be a golden yellow laser code. But its advantage is that it is durable and never fades.

(4) Gold / silver flat codes: These two types of codes look pretty and high-end. According to the color design of the customer's card, you can choose gold or silver. It should be noted that if the customer card happens to have UV oil design, it is best to change the gold / silver flat code to other relatively simple coding methods (convex code / spray code / laser code). Because of the machine, if the surface of the card is not flat, it will cause a lot of trouble to play the gold / silver flat code. Not only is the progress very slow, it will also damage the machine. Therefore, you should pay attention to such problems.

(5) Black flat code: Black flat code is also a more common way of coding. Especially when making barcode cards, black flat codes are a good choice and are more simple and elegant. It is often encountered that the data of the bar code is printed with a black flat code below the bar code, and the color of the bar code is also relatively matched.

(6) Laser bronzing and silver: This kind of coding method is rare. The main feature is the gradual effect, so when there is such a requirement, you can consider laser bronzing.
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