Advantages of RFID Electronics Certificate

From the appearance, electronic documents are the same as ordinary plastic cards. RFID technology enables electronic certificates to conceal the external circuit interface used for data exchange,so as to avoid the influence of external air, water, and corrosive liquid on it;At the same time, the data encryption of electronic certificate shows its intelligent digital anti-counterfeiting ability. In terms of security, compared with traditional certificates, anti-counterfeiting technology has obvious advantages. Also, the electronic certificate has many outstanding advantages due to its microprocessor and logic operation functions.

(1) It Exists Independently and Cannot Be Copied

Electronic certificate using RFID technology is a real anti-counterfeiting certificate. Each certificate chip has a unique, immutable and independent ID code. Combined with the authentication function of the data encryption security module, it is very difficult to copy the certificate embedded chip. So it is almost impossible to copy it.

(2) Easier and Faster Operation

The RFID system has an anti-collision function, allowing and supporting multiple electronic certificates to enter the scope of the card reader at the same time. The card reader automatically selects one of them to exchange data, which makes the operation of the card read more convenient and faster.

(3) Repeatable Reading and Writing Chip Content

The electronic certificate has a flexible internal storage space,and can read/write the chip content repeatedly according to the needs and permission settings. It can also repeatedly write more than 100000 times. Besides, some storage space can be locked independently.

(4) Long Service Life

The embedded chip and RF antenna of the electronic certificate are enclosed. It is dustproof, waterproof , antistatic, with no mechanical wear and failure. It also has a long service life with a  data storage time longer than 10 years.

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