RFID Cards Campus Card Shows the Trend of Educational Modernization!

RFID card is a wireless communication technology, which can identify specific targets and read and write related data through radio signals without the need to establish mechanical or optical contact between the identification system and specific targets. Startrend is a reliable rfid card maker. We adopt advanced technology and have high-quality rfid cards for sale. In this article, we are going to introduce you RFID card's application in campus card system.

RFID card campus card system is the basic project of digital campus. It takes campus network as the carrier and electronic information technology as the assistant means. It integrates identity identification, school affairs management and various campus services as a whole system. It provides application service management platform for school administrators with an open, flexible and school-oriented system, which makes campus management more scientific.

RFID Card Campus Card System Function

1. RFID Card Intelligent Management System

Campus card intelligent management system includes card order, card acceptance, card issuance, card loss reporting, card reimbursement, card sales and other functions.

2. Student Status Management System

Mainly used for the daily management of student status, the registration of students, the update of examination results, awards, scholarships and other daily management.

3. Teaching Management System

It includes teaching plan arrangement, curriculum allocation, curriculum arrangement, teacher resource allocation

4. Consumption Management System

It is mainly used for the payment of teachers and students in schools, including canteens, supermarkets, bathrooms, school buses, and so on. It not only needs them to pay in real time, but also should have query and statistical functions to provide decision support for managers.

5. Library Management System

It is mainly used for borrowing materials and journals in libraries for the teachers and students, and we regulate the number and time of books borrowed according to different book classification.

Libraries use RFID card tags to register books. When borrowing, the scanning tags are bound with borrowers. If the books are not registered, there will be automatic warn when they leave the prescribed area.

6. Recharge Management System

When the amount on the campus card is consumed, you should recharge at the recharge point set by the school or on the network. In addition to pay the cash in advance, the recharge system can automatically recharge the scholarship into the campus card if this student has a scholarship this month.

7. Query System

Installed on the PC with touch screen, faculty and students can use the campus card to search the information about themselves or school, modify passwords and other operations.

8. Vehicle Management System

The system intelligently manages school buses, worker buses, freight cars and temporary vehicles. It issues electronic identification of RFID cards to each vehicle, and manages and records the vehicle trajectories through the campus distribution equipment.

9. Student Management System

Manage, monitor and record students' attendance, access control, water and electricity use, etc.

10. System Manages System

It mainly completes system maintenance, user authority setting, blacklist management, system log and other functions, providing strong guarantee for system security.

The RFID cards campus card system has constructed an innovative integrated management mode of campus, which is the embodiment of the gradual improvement of campus management and teaching level, and conforms to the inevitable trend of educational modernization.

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