Intelligent Identification and Control of RFID Motion Collection

Intelligent Identification and Control of RFID Motion Collection

As a popular event, marathon has attracted a lot of people who love sports. As people have been pursuing a healthy and green life, the holding of Marathon attracts many people to participate. With the rapid development of science and technology, the management mode of Marathon has been constantly optimized. RFID technology is fully used in the marathon to realize intelligent collection and management. RFID marathon intelligent information collection management can achieve active identification and active timing, reduce the possibility of manual errors, complete the binding of the RFID electronic tag and the identity of the athletes, ensuring the rapid and accurate information collection.

Due to the large number of people in marathon competition, it is very difficult to accurately record the position and achievements of each athlete. Moreover, it is difficult to determine the actual running path of the participants, which can not accurately determine the fairness of the competition, and using a lot of manual records requires many human resources, even if there are many referees, it cannot be guaranteed to be foolproof. Intelligent management of RFID marathon uses RFID for accurate marathon timing. Athletes attach RFID electronic tags to their shoelaces. Read and write devices are placed on the starting line and the end of the line. When the athletes pass the read and write devices, those devices will read the ID of the RFID electronic tag on the shoelace and record the time, the software system will process and display the information, so that you can accurately and reliably record the start and end time, as well as the time and various situations in the competition center. It saves human resources, and also ensures the fairness of the competition and accurate athlete results. Similarly, it can also be used in long-distance running, race walking, or bicycle competitions, as well as the training of ordinary athletes.

Because of the special requirements of large-scale sports events including marathon competitions, in order to ensure the reliability and accuracy of the competition results, there are many factors that need to be considered in the product (tags, antennas, and planning). According to the detailed requirements and our professional experience, there are the following points:

1. Antenna planning suitable for sports competitions. The antenna planning should ensure that it can be used to work in the field weather, and can not be damaged after being trampled by many athletes and continue to normally operate;

2. The anti-collision problem when multiple athletes pass the antenna. There are more athletes passing the antenna at the same time, and the reading and writing device requires high anti-collision;

3. The device has a high recognition speed to ensure that the athlete's information can be correctly identified when the athlete passes the antenna quickly;

4. Increase the communication rate after identification to ensure the real-time transmission of information.

According to the above requirements and combined with the characteristics and use of RFID, we select special materials to manufacture antennas, adjust the control area and quantity of the antennas, and ensure the coverage area. According to the principle, an array of antennas can be used to complete identification of multiple electronic labels, which satisfies the specific fundamental needs, so that it can respond quickly to ensure accuracy and reliability.

RFID technology has been widely used in sports events. Due to its non-contact, fast collection, without human intervention, automated collection has improved the problems encountered in the profession. 

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