The Application Range of RFID Tags

The RFID system composed of RFID tags, reader, antenna and application software is directly connected with the corresponding management information system. Every item can be tracked accurately. This comprehensive information management system can bring many benefits to customers, including real-time data acquisition, secure data access channels, off-line access to all product information and so on. In foreign countries, RFID technology has been widely used in many fields such as industrial automation, commercial automation and so on. Application ranges include: as a data carrier, RFID tags can play the role of identification, things tracking and information collection. In foreign countries, RFID tags have been applied in a wide range of fields.

1. Anti-counterfeiting: Through scanning, detailed logistics records are generated.

2. Production Line Management

RFID tags can record process information and process operation information conveniently and accurately in production line to meet flexible production requirements. The traceability of production can be fully realized by recording the worker's work number, time, operation and quality inspection results. It can also avoid errors caused by handwritten and visual information in the production environment.

3. Warehousing Management

The application of RFID system in intelligent warehouse goods management effectively solves the warehouse goods information management. For large warehousing bases, the management center can understand the location of goods, goods storage at that time. It is very important to improve warehousing efficiency, feedback product information and guide production. It not only increases the number of items processed in a day, but also monitors all information about the goods. Among them, there are various forms of applications. For example, labels can be attached to cargo, read and write by the reader on forklift truck and the reader at the corresponding location in warehouse, and barcode and radio frequency labels can be used together.

4. Sales Channel Management

It is a strong need for many enterprises to establish strict and orderly channels and manage the purchase, sale and storage efficiently. RFID tags are embedded in the production process, which contain the only product number. Manufacturers can monitor the flow of products with the identifier. Wholesalers and retailers can identify the legitimacy of products with the reader provided by the manufacturer.

5. Valuable Goods Management

It can also be used for cameras, videos, portable computers, CD walkman, jewelry and so on. It can guarantee antitheft, settlement and after-sale of valuables. Its anti-theft function belongs to the radio frequency item monitoring system (EAS). Labels can be attached or embedded in the package. Specialized shelf scanners scan goods in real time to obtain real-time inventory records. If the goods are taken away from the goods shelves, the system will verify the legality of this behavior. If the goods are taken illegally, the system will alarm.

When the purchase order is released from the warehouse, all items of different categories can be scanned by a scanner at one time, and the anti-theft function can be removed while the sales order is generated at the cash register. In this way, the alarm will not go off when the customer leaves with the goods he has purchased. When the customer pays the bill, the cash register will write the date of sale into the label, so that the goods purchased by the customer are also guaranteed and promised accordingly.

6. Library Management and Leasing Product Management

Attaching RFID tags in books can conveniently make them receive book information and organize books without moving books, which can improve work efficiency and avoid work errors.

7. Others such as logistics, car theft prevention, air parcel management, and so on.

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