RFID Tags Technology Can Improve the Speed and Safety of Data Communication

RFID Tags Technology Can Improve the Speed and Safety of Data Communication

RFID tags refer to radio frequency identification tags. After the radio frequency identification system is matched with the reader and tag, data communication can be realized by radio waves. The relevant information is stored in the tag in electronic digital format.

Like barcode, RFID tag is also a data carrier. The data contained in the RFID tag can be assembled into a minicomputer chip through various radio frequency operations. Such tags are usually activated by radio waves, which are emitted from an RFID reader.

The reader can communicate with the tag via wireless network through antenna. The tag is bound to the target. This technology is called air-interface.

The passive tag is not equipped with battery power supply. The tag is activated by reading the electromagnetic wave in a specific frequency and wavelength range. The electromagnetic wave is sent by the antenna. The tag can send the item-related data stored in its memory back to the reader. Such data can be used internally or by different agencies and trading partners, and data security can be ensured.

Some applications of RFID technology include: safety applications, warehousing and inventory goods, livestock management, vehicle import and export control in parking lots, book and library management, pharmaceutical and experimental analysis, authority control, vehicle identification, import and export control in dangerous areas.

Traffic companies have also been tagging vehicles to identify them when they arrive. The label information will be sent to IT system, which involves yard management, improving the efficiency of vehicle management. RFID technology can also be used to check the correctness of the correlation between trailers and tractors.

Trailer tracking system can also provide important information to trailer operators, covering status, location, door activity and historical records. Such systems can use information to provide reliable protection services to shippers of perishable commodities.

Although different types of rfid tags can have different reading speed, the reading rate of RFID tags is higher than that of barcodes in baggage handling applications. This kind of technology is used for passenger identification after registration card so as to ensure the safety of passengers.

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