Three Main Application Scenarios of RFID Electronic Tags

With the development of the Internet of Things industry, the application of RFID technology has gradually become popular. Applications of RFID technology in our daily lives make our lives more convenient and faster. The essence of RFID is to use radio frequency technology to realize the identity and information recognition of items.

In the retail industry, the entire supply chain is continuous from procurement, storage, packaging, loading and unloading, transportation, distribution, sales to service. Enterprises must grasp the entire process changes in real time and accurately, and the RFID technology in supply chain can effectively track the entire process of the industry. Therefore, the application of RFID technology is very attractive to the retail industry that focuses on logistics and inventory management.

Application scenario 1 of RFID technology: Supermarket stores are based on RFID technology management

In recent years, the rapid development of RFID technology has brought leapfrog development opportunities for the supply chain management of the retail industry. As the international retail giants successively release the mandatory use of RFID technology, the competition between the finished product supply chain has become the key to the success or failure of the future retail industry competition.

Application Scenario 2 of RFID Technology: RFID-based inventory management of shoe and clothing retail enterprises

With the increasing penetration rate of electronic RFID tags in the retail industry, clothing has gradually begun to introduce RFID technology to the entire management system. It is expected that the penetration rate will increase rapidly in the next few years.

Statistics show that the global chain retail industry, which is dominated by clothing, has more than 5 billion RFID tags in demand. There are two main reasons for the high application of RFID electronic tags in the clothing industry: First, the tags in this scenario are consumables. Once the electronic tags are transferred to the final link, that is, in the hands of consumers, the mission of the electronic tags is completed; Another reason is that thanks to its lower and lower manufacturing costs, the average cost of a single electronic tag in this application scenario in China is less than 1 yuan.

Application Scenario 3 of RFID Technology: RFID Application in Unmanned Convenience Stores

Unmanned convenience stores are basically inseparable from RFID technology. RFID tags are affixed to each item for checkout and collection. In addition, the stores are also equipped with monitoring systems, remote customer service and other functions.

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