Manufacturing and Packaging Technology of Contactless Parking Cards

Most of the parking cards used in the parking lot are contactless IC cards. Many people will use them, but they do not know how these cards are produced, and what are the key technologies.  Next, SHANGHAI STAR TREND takes you to discuss the manufacturing of the contactless parking card and the chip packaging process.

1. IC card RF technology

(1) Take a passive design. A set of electromagnetic waves of fixed frequency needs to be sent by the reader to the RF card, and the DC voltage required for the chip to work is generated through the circuit in the card;

(2) A specially designed antenna is required in the card and is embedded in the card;

(3) A good anti-interference performance must be ensured, and an anti-collision circuit must also be provided.

2. Low power consumption technology

Whether it is a non-contact IC card designed in an active or passive manner, one of the most basic requirements is to reduce power consumption to increase the life of the card and expand the application. It can be said that reducing power consumption is as important as ensuring a certain distance. Therefore, the chip inside the card generally adopts very harsh low power consumption technology and related technologies. For example, the circuit design uses "sleep mode" technology for design and manufacturing.

3. Packaging Technology

Since non-contact IC cards need to embed antennas, chips and other special components, special packaging technology and special equipment are required to ensure the size, thickness, flexibility and chip circuit safety in high temperature and high pressure processes of the card.

4. Security Technology

In addition to the communication security technology of the card, the physical security technology of the card chip and the security technology of the card manufacturing must form the strong security system with the former.

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