Locating Chip RFID Chip Card

Locating Chip RFID Chip Card

RFID Chip Card Products

  • RFID Wristband N SeriesRFID Wristband N Series2019/05/14Color options: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, Gray, Black, White.
  • Proximity Chip CardProximity Chip Card2019/05/15RF (radio frequency) ID (identification) card is also called contactless IC card or proximity chip card.
  • Contact Chip CardContact Chip Card2019/05/15A contact chip card consists of a plastic card and a contact IC that is pasted in the slot on the card.The plastic card is produced according to ISO7810 and printed with customized design.

RFID Chip Card Articles

  • What is the RFID card used for?What is the RFID card used for?2020/06/20RFID cards are widely used in RFID based door access control, attendance control, library management, VIP membership, RFID based animal tracking system, public transportation, parking management, war...
  • What are the different types of RFID cards?What are the different types of RFID cards?2020/06/20According to the frequency, the RFID cards can be classified into low-frequency card (FRID LF card), high-frequency RFID card (RFID HF card), and UHF frequency RFID card (UHF RFID card);
  • Characteristics of IC Chip CardsCharacteristics of IC Chip Cards2020/05/31The general term of inductive IC chip card is called radio frequency IC card, M1 card, and it is also an IC card that is often used in people's lives. Inductive IC chip card is a combination of ra...

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