What are the Advantages of RFID tags?

What are the Advantages of RFID tags?

With the continuous development and updating of technology, the advantages of RFID tags will be widely used in more fields. Nowadays, RFID tags have been integrated into our modern life, occupying a place in the world's top ten anti-counterfeiting technologies. From the radio frequency anti-counterfeiting traceability system of Maotai, Chinese liquor, to the daily radio frequency non-stop toll management system, there are numerous examples. What are the advantages of RFID tags? As one of the most professional smart rfid tag manufacturers, Startrend has years' experience in producing different types of rfid tags. And here we'd like to talk about its advantage and help you to choose a good RFID tag.

First, better security: it can not only be embedded or attached to products of different shapes and types, but also can set password protection for reading and writing of the label data, so it has higher security.

Secondly, tag data can be changed dynamically: the data can be written by programmer, thus giving the function of interactive portable data file, and writing time is less than that of printing barcode;

Third, dynamic real-time communication: tags communicate with the interpreter at a frequency of 50-100 times per second, so as long as the object attached to the RFID tags appears in the effective identification range of the interpreter, its position can be dynamically tracked and monitored.

Fourth, the recognition speed is fast: once the tag enters the magnetic field, the interpreter can read the information in it instantly, and can process multiple tags at the same time to realize batch identification;

Fifth, large data capacity: 2-D barcode with the largest data capacity can only store 2725 digits at most; if it contains letters, it will have less storage; RFID tags can be extended to tens of kilograms according to the needs of users;

Sixth, it has a long service life and a wide range of applications. its radio communication mode enables it to be used in highly polluted and radioactive environments such as dust and oil pollution, and its enclosed packaging makes its service life much longer than that of printed bar codes.

Seventh, easy and fast read: data can be read without light source, even through the outer packaging. Effective recognition distance is larger. When active tag with battery is used, the effective recognition distance can reach more than 30 meters.

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