Application of Intelligent RFID Tags for Garments

The application of RFID technology is everywhere in our lives. Nowadays, many clothing companies use RFID technology.

Smart RFID label, in addition to being applied to inventory and supply chain management, can also realize batch cashiers in stores, reducing consumers' queue time and improving experience. RFID technology improves inventory efficiency and reduces the rate of loss of goods.

1. Binding of RFID tags for garments

Write the important attributes of a single piece of clothing in the corresponding RFID electronic tag: item number, clothing name, clothing model, clothing grade, clothing fabric, washing method, implementation standard, quality inspector, etc., bind the electronic RFID label and clothing together.

The barcode and RFID electronic tag before the clothing are bound together, and the RFID electronic tag on each clothing is one-to-one, which plays a role of anti-counterfeiting and prevents counterfeit and shoddy clothing.

2. The RFID label are used for the management of factory clothing input and output

Applications of RFID technology in clothing input and output are wide. When clothing passes through the warehouse entrance, the fixed RFID reader installed at the entrance and exit reads the electronic RFID tag. The clothing can pass through without error, and the green light is on; if the clothing is abnormal, the passage is prohibited, and the red light is on.

3. RFID label is used for retail store receipt management

When retail stores receive goods from manufacturers, they can use RFID handheld scanners to scan them to check the quantity of goods and the type of clothing.

4. RFID label is used for data statistics in the fitting room

RFID readers are installed in the fitting room, and customers will have statistics every time they try on clothes, and the frequency of each piece of clothing will be counted, combined with the purchase results, the styles that customers like are analyzed, and the customer's purchase transaction rate will be improved.

5. RFID label is used for clothing sales management

A desktop RFID card reader is installed at the checkout counter, the clothes are sold, and the sales status of the clothes after the customer pays, the RFID tag is unbound with the system, and the status is changed automatically.

6. RFID label is used for anti-theft alarm

When the customer leaves the store with the goods and passes through the pillar access door, if the clothing is not paid, the access door RFID reader will automatically sense and send out an alarm, which acts as an anti-theft alarm.

7. RFID label is used for clothing inventory

During inventory, RFID handhelds are used to scan clothing tags. In batch inventory, all RFID tags of clothing within a few meters can be read. The specific reading distance is related to the radio frequency power and antenna of the RFID reader.

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