What is the RFID Cards and the Classification of RFID Cards

The RFID card is composed of IC chip and induction antenna. It is encapsulated in a standard PVC card. There is no exposed part in the chip and antenna. Among various rfid cards suppliers, Startrrend works to supply high-quality but cheap rfid cards to our customers.

Introduction of RFID Cards

In recent years, RFID card is a new technology developed in recent years in the world. It successfully combines radio frequency identification technology with IC card technology, ending the problem of passivity (no power in the card) and contactless, which is a breakthrough in the field of electronic devices.

RFID card is also called "contactless card". Although some people call the RFID card IC card, the contact IC card is also called IC card, and the RFID IC card generally refers to the high frequency card, while the ID card is used to be called the low frequency card, so it is more direct to call the non-contact chip card RFID card or non-contact card.

Classification of RFID cards:

RFID card is divided into low frequency radio frequency card, high frequency radio frequency card, ultra-high frequency radio frequency card and microwave radio frequency card according to the frequency of wearing wave.

1. The frequency of low-frequency RFID card is 125-134.2KHz (unit: kilohertz), also known as low-frequency (LF), such as ID card of EM4100 model, T5557 card, EM4305, TI RI-TRP-R4FF low-frequency read-only card, RI-TP-W4FF low-frequency read-write card of TI, HID1326 low-frequency thin card, etc. Generally, it is the passive card (no battery in the card).

2. The frequency of high frequency RFID card is 13.56 MHz (unit: megahertz), also known as high frequency (HF), such as MF1 card, I-CODE-II card. Generally passive card. Generally, it is the passive card (no battery in the card).

3. The frequency of ultra high frequency RFID card is 433.92 MHz (megahertz), also known as ultra high frequency (UHF), such as UCODE card. 433.92 MHz is usually active card (with battery inside), while 860-960 MHz is passive card (without battery inside). [Note: There are some differences between UHF card and radio frequency band in China.

4. The frequency of microwave card is 2.45 GHz, 5.8 GHz (unit: gigahertz or gigahertz), also known as microwave (uW), such as a microwave card in EM4122. 2.45 GHz and 5.8 GHz are generally active cards (with batteries in the cards),

5. There are also some experimental RFID card frequencies: 27.125 Hz, 40.68 MHz, 24.125 GHz and so on.

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