Application Of RFID Electronic Tag In Warehouse Management

Application Of RFID Electronic Tag In Warehouse Management

Nowadays, the global social economy is becoming more and more drastic. How to ensure that the finished products can be delivered to the end-users in an high efficient way timely with minimum cost? How to establish a set of stations, which can interact with customers, provide real-time query, service information browse, online goods tracking, and distribution planning? How to improve the reaction speed of both parties' transactions and the accurate delivery rate, and how to ensure that the goods are delivered from the factory to customers and even users with traceability.

This is also the logistics link that we often talk about. What are the important links in the application of RFID electronic tags on the Internet of things. Here are six points:

1. Belt cargo sorting
The conveyor belt is used to sort goods. It needs to use multiple antennas to form RFID scanning tunnel for improving the first rate. At the same time, RFID reader needs to be connected to conveyor belt or other control host.

2. Warehouse receipt and delivery
When loading and unloading pallets into and out of freight cars and containers, its metal box has a strong reflection on radio waves, which seriously affects the reading effect and correctness of RFID.

3. Pallet packaging workstation
The RFID reader that is installed on the pallet packaging workstation needs to identify and classify the goods on the pallet in time, and connect it with the pallet marked by RFID.

4. Over reading
5. Manual mobile operation
6. Printing and reading of RFID electronic tag

With the acceleration of urbanization process, the upgrading of urban infrastructure construction, the continuous expansion of the scale of engineering construction, the problem of safety production has become more and more prominent,  the timeliness and effectiveness of safety management has also become increasingly urgent. What’s more, the application technology development of the Internet of things has also got better development space.

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