Application of RFID Card in Manufacturing

Application of RFID Card in Manufacturing

Application of Automobile Assembly Line

The function module of the executive system of automobile assembly manufacturing based on RFID card technology is mainly divided into four function modules: workshop production management, production line visualization, RFID card label management, workshop personnel management.

According to the actual operation of the system on the assembly line of an automobile manufacturer, it is shown that the automobile assembly manufacturing execution system based on RFID card technology enables the enterprise to grasp the production line status timely and accurately and improve production efficiency. It is indeed conducive to the collaboration between MES system and LES system and provides accurate data assurance to keep up with the quality of the product.

Real-time data acquisition in production workshop

In the traditional manufacturing industry, manual acquisition and manual input are still used to collect production line information, which is not only inaccurate, but also has a certain error rate. Manual input can only be carried out on time, and can not update the production data in real time. The lag is serious, which is not conducive to the smooth progress of production flow and restricts the further improvement of production capacity. Therefore, enterprises are facing a bottleneck problem: the data in the production process can not be collected in real time and on time.

Production line management system based on radio frequency card technology has become one of the effective solutions to the above problems. By using RFID card technology, the system can automatically collect production data and equipment status data, provide real-time data for production managers in all aspects of enterprise business process, and allow to monitor and analyze on-line production information such as process parameters and operation parameters of equipment in important production links according to the process characteristics and related process and quality index parameters of each process equipment..

It helps enterprises to realize the measurement of semi-finished products and finished products in production process, automation and information integration of warehousing management, automatic real-time tracking of supply chain, sales and after-sales service feedback, so that enterprise leaders can grasp process information in real time, and manage and supervise enterprise business.

At the same time, through the combination with various management systems of enterprises, timely inquiries about the production situation of each order can enable the managers and procurement, logistics and other departments of enterprises to monitor the production situation of any order in real time, and provide scheduling basis for production scheduling, material procurement, customs declaration and logistics transportation.

The real-time data acquisition system of RFID card is a means of realizing the internet of things in enterprise informatization. According to the characteristics of enterprise business process, the plan first uses RFID card swiping method to complete the process flow and data acquisition in the production process so as to solve the problem of production process control.

At the same time, based on the successful experience of implementing ERP system in the past, complete the whole information system planning from purchasing, inventory, sales to financial accounting, realize the organic integration of sales, purchasing, inventory, production, finance, quality, cost, equipment, technology and personnel management, and realize the comprehensive informatization and paperless management of the company.

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