What is an RF card?

The scientific name of the radio frequency card is "contactless card". Some people call the RF card an IC card. However, because the contact IC card is also called an IC card, and the radio frequency IC card generally refers to a high-frequency card, and the ID card is used to be called a low-frequency card, it is better to call the contactless chip card as a radio frequency card or a contactless card. Typical radio frequency cards are divided into low frequency radio frequency cards, high frequency radio frequency cards, ultra high frequency radio frequency cards and microwave radio frequency cards according to the carrier frequency.

① The frequency of the low-frequency radio frequency card is 125-134.2KHz [Unit: kHz], also known as low frequency (LF), such as EM4100 model ID card, T5557 card, TI’s RI-TRP-R4FF low frequency read-only card, TI RI-TRP-W4FF low frequency read/write card, HID 1326 low frequency thick card, HID 1386 low frequency thin card. Generally, it is a passive passive card (the battery is not installed in the card).

② The frequency of the high-frequency radio frequency card is 13.56MHz [unit: MHz], also called high frequency (HF), such as MF1 card, I-CODE-Ⅱ card. It is generally a passive passive card with no battery installed.

③ The frequency of the UHF RF card is 433.92 MHz, 840~960MHz [Unit: MHz], also called the UHF frequency (UHF), such as UCODE card. 433.92 MHz is generally an active active card with a battery in the card, and 860~960MHz is generally a passive passive card without a battery in the card.

④ The frequency of the microwave card is 2.45 GHz, 5.8 GHz [unit: gigahertz or gigahertz], also known as microwave (uW), such as a microwave card in EM4122. 2.45 GHz and 5.8 GHz are generally active active cards with batteries in the cards.

⑤ Other experimental RF card frequencies are 27.125MHz, 40.68MHz, 24.125GHz and so on.

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