The Use of RFID wristband in Water Park Makes the Management More Convenient

In the water park, as its name implies, almost all tourists play underwater or near the water wearing the swimsuits, which raises a question: where to put their wallets? How to carry their room cards? Water park needs a way to provide more convenient and more comprehensive services for tourists. At present, only a few existing water parks around the world are equipped with RFID automation systems to replace the non-intelligent access control system. However, RFID technology is gradually phasing out the traditional key and bar code access control technology and becoming the preferred technology for intelligent access control and non-contact payment, which solves the worries of tourists and makes them no longer worry about the safe storage of wallets and room cards. The RFID wristband can act as a carry wallet and electronic room card for tourists

RFID wristbands solve the problem of wallet and room card for the visitors.

  • The RFID wristband has the following functions:

  • Guests can enter or leave the hotel room with a smart wrist.

  • Unlock storage cabinet

  • Buying consumer goods such as purchases

  • Buying tour currency

The payment function of the RFID wristband for sale has sufficient security guarantee, and all payment actions must be validated and approved by the wristband holder. Every visitor has his own UID when he receives his own smart wristband. The RFID tag of the wristband stores the relevant information of the holder, which can open the hotel door and buy things. The water park has installed RFID reader in kiosks, vending machines, game areas and other places. The reader transmits tourists' consumption information to the hotel database in order to calculate the final accounts of tourists.

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