Application of RFID Handset in Store

At present, retailers are facing some problems: there are too many types and specifications of goods sold in each store, so the shopping guide can't remember the price, specification and inventory quantity of each commodity. At the same time, when the goods are in the off-season or holiday promotion, the suppliers and retailers in the promotion activities have unreasonable price decision-making, and their sales information can not be timely feedback, as well as the inventory is insufficient and so on, which all bring a lot of inconvenience to consumers, and also cause lots of service dissatisfaction. With RFID handsets, bosses will no longer worry about this.


Handset refers to the hand-held terminal, also known as industrial PDA, which can have data communication with other devices through Wi-Fi / GPRS / Bluetooth, etc,. It is lightweight and fashionable with industrial design, suitable for mobile occasions. The industrial RFID handset has the function of RFID reading and writing, and the RFID electronic tag can be read by using the RFID technology for data collection.

Through one code and one object (the unique RFID electronic tag of each commodity), the RFID handset realizes the wireless mobile electronic receiving service of store one-time order, sustainable order, allocation and logistics distribution under the joint action of reader antenna and terminal computer. Each product in the store is equipped with a unique RFID electronic tag, and when a shopping guide is selling a product, he can scan the RFID tag of the product with a hand-held machine to view the product's price, specifications, inventory quantity, promotion and other information of the product, which is convenient and fast. It can greatly reduce the workload of the shopping guides, and also improve the customer satisfaction with the service of each store, making the labor-related tedious problems close to zero, which is deeply trusted by retailers.

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