What are the General Identification Methods of the Access Control System?

The access control system mainly includes access cards, control systems, and electric control lock. In the selection and sales of the access cards, the proximity smart card is absolutely the mainstream, accounting for more than 90% of them. The card and card readers account for more than 30% of the sales of proximity card access control systems. The Proximity card is one of the cores of the whole access control system.

There are 4 types of existing access control identification methods:

1 .The password mode of a single keyboard input;

2. There are contact card (e.g. magnetic code card, iron code card), contact IC card, bar card and so on;

3. The proximity card is an inductive card. The Contactless IC card, also known as RFIC card, is an IC card that uses radio waves for read-write functions. Unlike the contact card, we don't need to insert the RFIC into a special read-write socket. We can read and write information just by shaking it above the reader; Now, there are many kinds of cards in the market, including Memory Card, Security Card, CPU Card (Smart Card), Super-smart Card, Contact IC Card, Proximity Card, ID Card, Magnetic Card and so on. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Customers often choose cards based on their reality. Different cards need different card readers for identification. As a result, people take more effort on the compatibility of the card reader, and many people focus on the topic of identifying multiple cards. Thus, the card reading distance of the card reader becomes shorter, the recognition speed is also reduced, and even the phenomenon of false recognition will happen. What's worse, it will automatically generate card numbers at random.

4. Biometric identification. The so-called biometric identification technology is a kind of technology that uses the unique and life-long biological characteristics of the human body, such as fingerprint, palm print, iris, facial features, voice, hand shape, and even DNA, and combines computer processing technology to carry out personal identification. Biometric identification is unique to users without the need for memory and it won't be lost or stolen. Fingerprint and palmprint identification are generally used in access control system with high-security requirements. Automatic fingerprint identification technology is the most mature, convenient and most widely used technology among all these biometric technologies.

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