Application of RFID Paper Ticket System in Exhibition

Application of RFID Paper Ticket System in Exhibition

The prosperity of the exhibition economy has given birth to many professional "scalpers". In order to make money, they even rush to the exhibition all over the country. Some suspects who make and sell fake tickets and wait for opportunities to steal will also be mixed among them.

In today's society, all forms of public exchange activities, such as exhibitions and conferences, performances, sports events, are increasingly frequent, and exhibitions have even developed into a new industry. These public activities involve a large number of people and are relatively complex, which brings great challenges to the staff of exhibition, performance organizers and venue managers, as well as their activities management and safety precautions. At present, the majority of performances, exhibitions or competitions are conducted by manual ticket checking. For some major (important) exhibitions, conferences, performances and sports events, traditional ticketing issuance and management methods mainly have the following problems: driven by interests, fake and inferior products are increasingly prevalent in the market. These fake and inferior products not only damage the normal market order, but also threaten people's life and safety. Because of the relative lag of anti-counterfeiting technology, many products have not been effectively supervised in essence.

The widely used anti-counterfeiting technologies in the market include paper watermarking technology, ink technology, laser holographic image anti-counterfeiting technology, bar code technology and telephone code technology. These anti-counterfeiting technologies have been quite mature, and the price of anti-counterfeiting equipment is low. Although this is conducive to the wide spread of anti-counterfeiting technology, the anti-counterfeiting effect is not good because the cost of counterfeiting is also low. Traditional anti-counterfeiting technology has the following problems:

  • The technology content is not high and it is easy to be imitated. For example, after a new visual anti-counterfeiting logo is put on the market, a large number of imitations will appear after 3 to 6 months;
  • Anti-counterfeiting label is not anti-fouling. Once stained, it can not be distinguished;

  • With the use of anti-counterfeiting telephone code, the anti-counterfeiting telephone system can be deceived as long as the correct anti-counterfeiting number is forged.

At present, the problem that anti-counterfeiting technology is easy to be imitated seriously disrupts the legitimate market competition mechanism and brings huge losses to regular exhibitors and consumers. The market urgently needs anti-counterfeiting technology and products which has high technology content and can effectively monitor the market. The RFID paper ticket has the advantage in this respect. It can effectively improve the product supply chain and solve the problem of product forgery.

RFID paper card is an automatic identification technology which rises in the 1990s and gradually matures. It uses radio frequency to communicate in two directions without contact. Because the RFID paper ticket system needs special equipment, it is almost impossible for counterfeiters to imitate and copy.

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