What are the Advantages of IC Cards Compared to Magnetic Cards?

The non-contact IC card replaces the magnetic card is the development trend of the contactless smart card industry. Why does the IC card gradually replace the magnetic card? What are the advantages of the IC card compared with the magnetic card? The IC card has unique advantages in storage capacity, security, and convenience. RFID cards for sale at Star trend!

1. Storage capacity

The IC card can store megabytes, and the magnetic card can only store a few hundred bytes at most. The IC card has RAM, ROM, EEPROM and other memory inside, which can store various information such as text, sound, graphics, images and so on. And its storage area can be divided and have different access levels.

2. Encryption

IC cards can be encrypted, but magnetic cards cannot. The magnetic card does not have a control circuit, so its internal data reading and writing cannot be safely controlled. The reading technology is also sequential and mechanical. The IC card can control the circuit to read and write its internal data. The erasure control and reading technology are random. The encrypted IC card itself has a secure password. If you try to illegally access the data, the card will destroy itself and you can no longer read or write.

3. Dependence on the network

IC cards can be used offline, but magnetic cards cannot be used offline. When the magnetic card is in use, it is necessary to ensure the strong real-time performance between the terminal and the host. Once the host or network fails, the entire system will be paralyzed. The IC card can store a large amount of data and is controlled by the logic circuit. It is independently completed by the terminal, which reduces the real-time and sensitivity requirements of the computer network in the application environment.

4. Service life

The magnetic card has a short service life. Generally, its life span is between one and five years, while IC cards can reach more than ten years.

5. Anti-interference

The magnetic card is poor in anti-magnetic, anti-static, waterproof, etc., and the magnetic stripe cannot be rubbed randomly. The IC card is strong in these aspects, as long as the chip should be kept clean.

6. Anti-counterfeiting

The magnetic card is easy to forge, and the IC card itself has extremely strong logic encryption, which makes the forgery rate more difficult.

7. Ease of use

Compared with magnetic cards, IC card reading and writing equipment is simple and reliable, cheap to manufacture, easy to promote, and easy to maintain.

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