How Much do Smart Cards Relate to Our Lives?

Smart cards are used in important application areas of the Internet of Things, such as smart healthcare, smart transportation, and finance and service industries. In the field of smart medical care, the application of medical cards and social security cards can make it easy for people to get medical treatment; in the field of smart transportation, contactless smart cards such as highway express cards and city cards make transportation more convenient and efficient; in the field of financial services, the issuance of bank IC cards can greatly improve the security of personal accounts. Nowadays, bank IC cards, city cards, social security cards, and residence permits have become hot areas in the smart card market.

Milestones in transportation

With the acceleration of urban integration, major cities have successively started the development of urban card projects, and contactless smart cards have been widely used. The contactless smart card contains a micro antenna, which is used to read, write and exchange information without contact. The emergence of non-contact technology makes it possible to apply smart card technology in the field of transportation. In many applications in the transportation industry (such as buses, subways, ferries, highway toll systems), it can significantly save time and improve efficiency.

Smart card technology has been widely used in the commercial field. Especially in the financial industry, EMV migration has become popular all over the world. In addition to retaining the financial functions of traditional bank cards, financial IC cards that is bank cards developed with smart card technology can also use the memory and microprocessor on the card to provide more value-added financial services. After people's awareness of transaction security has gradually improved, affected by the wave of EMV migration in the international market, the pace of migration of domestic bank cards from magnetic stripes to chips has gradually accelerated. As the global EMV migration progresses, smart bank cards will become more common.

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