The Introduction to Magnetic Track of the Magnetic Strip Card and Problems in Application

Magnetic stripe card is often used in supermarkets, banks, shopping malls, and many other places. At present, the magnetic stripe card has a large market in our life.  Due to many theft cases of the magnetic stripe bank cards in 2010, now magnetic stripe bank cards gradually develop into IC bank cards. Like an ID card, a magnetic stripe card is just a number with the form of a card, but it also has a large market in our life.

Safety and Problems of Magnetic Card

A. The card has poor secrecy and security.
It is easier to read out the information on the magnetic stripe, and also easier to illegally modify the content of it. So in most cases, the magnetic card is used as static data input. Although track 3 is read-write and has an amount field, it is used in the application field of small amounts, such as a telephone card.

B. It is necessary for the application system, which uses a magnetic card, to equip with a reliable computer system and central database.
In the financial industry, as the magnetic card of the financial transaction card, it is generally used with a powerful and reliable computer network system. Information such as amount and transaction records are saved in the database of the financial institution computer. The card held by the user only provides index information, such as the user's main account number. This makes it easy to quickly find user data in the database.

Magnetic Stripe and Magnetic Trac

There are three tracks on the magnetic stripe. Track 1 and track 2 are read-only tracks. The information recorded on the track can only be read out, and cannot be written or modified in use. Track 3 is a read-write track, which can be read out or written in use.

Track 1 can record numbers (0-9), letters (A-Z) and some other symbols (such as brackets, separators and so on). It is with a maximum of 79 numbers or letters.

The characters recorded in track 2 and track 3 can only be numbers (0-9). Track 2 can record up to 40 characters, and track 3 can record up to 107 characters.
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